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Stand In The Light offers gifts for the spiritually minded and home enhancers. We develop and manufacture many of our products which are labeled “Stand in the Light Exclusive.” We design and select all items with your spiritual enhancement in mind. You will not be disappointed with any item you receive from us as everything offered supports your highest good.

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Deep below the Himalayan Mountains are the Crystal Salt Mines

Natures only air purifier and deionizer!  Himalayan pink salt was formed by the evaporation of The Primal Sea over 200 million years ago. Through the eons, this salt has absorbed minerals which enrich it and give it delicate tones which vary from white to red.

Himalayan Pink Salt emits negative ions that counterbalances the overabundance of positive ions put out by technology and appliances.  This process is called deionization. The negative ions released from Crystal Salt Lamps are never depleted and will last forever.

The benefits of these negative ions are to disinfect and deodorize the air; decrease the effects of allergies and asthma; alleviate sleep disorders, migraine headaches, and depression and have a soothing and calming effect on people, animals, and their environment.

Some of the richest and oldest mines are found under the Himalayan Mountains, often half a mile deep. As the mountains were formed over the salt beds, compression formed what we see in the crystal salt lamps today.

Crystal Salt Lamps come in a variety of sizes and styles. Lamps are hand-carved which makes each one unique in size, shape and color variation.


Crystals are naturally occurring minerals resonating at individual frequencies based upon their make-up. Each type of crystal has specific properties unique to them. Some of these properties are listed below to help you identify which crystal is most beneficial to your health and happiness. Please keep in mind when ordering a crystal is they are all distinctive so the item you will receive will not be identical to the photo, it is unique and personally yours.

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Stand in the Light Exclusive Chakra Slumber!

It’s easy to balance and heal your Chakras while you sleep with Stand in the Light’s exclusive Chakra Slumber!

Customize the Chakra Slumber to your exact proportions. Reiki energized crystals will balance and heal each of your chakras as you sleep. Wake refreshed, grounded, and healthy.  Simply place under your bed or in-between your mattress and box spring to let the healing begin.

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