Animal Communication

Is Your Pet Trying To Tell You Something?

Animals communicate telepathically just like humans did before language was developed.

Animals have the same reasoning power and intelligence as people; it just doesn’t follow the same logic path.

You have watched your pet rationalize their way through a situation to retrieve their toy or abscond with some food, so you know they are able to think things out.

They are also very intuitive and know things that people don’t; like seeing entities in your house or knowing when the weather is going to change.

How Do We Know Animals Communicate?

Have you heard of one dog being the lead for a blind dog?

Have you watched a show where a pride of lions seem to have an attack plan to take down their next meal?

Have you ever seen birds fly in a V formation migrating for the winter? ow do they know who leads and who follows?

More importantly, have you ever found yourself going to the cabinet containing the dog or cat cookies and when you got there wonder why you are reaching in?

You may not realize it but you do hear your pets and they understand you (which is also why they tend to hide just as you are ready to go to the Vet).

Animals are very sensitive and take their cues from the people in their lives. If exposed to a depressed person, they can get depressed. If they are around troubled people they can get introverted, aggressive or scared.

My next door neighbor watches people on the street very closely. He had a dog that took on that trait and when a stranger came around you could see both of them puff up their chest in defense.

What does your pet have to tell you?

Reiki is also very beneficial for animals; see the Reiki tab for more information.


The following rates apply for Animal Communication sessions, by phone or in-person.Reili Cat 2

30-minutes: $50.00 (limit of 2 animals)

60-minutes: $90.00 (limit of 4 animals)

Please note there is a Trip Charge: for locations more than 25 miles from Mansfield Dam: $1.00 per (driving) mile.
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