Entity Removal

Are You Carrying Extra Energetic Parasites?

People of the light – like you – tend to attract entities.

When people are feeling poorly or have pain that the medical doctors cannot diagnose, it is time to call for professional help. As we live our daily lives we can pick up energies associated with entities that can cause us to have issues. This is a normal occurrence that can happen to all of us.

What is an entity?

Although there are several types of entities, the most common is the soul of a person that has left their body but has not crossed over to the astral plane, these are generally called ghosts. These souls are looking for a safe haven, which may be you. Some entities are evil and can be very troublesome. Another possibility is a soul has entwined with your soul as it left your body in a former life and must be physically unwound to free you. Entities can attach to people, animals, buildings, and personal items.

What happens if I have an entity?

With one or more attached entities, you can feel tired, angry, depressed, foggy-headed, and may feel pain in the areas of the attachment. You or your children may have trouble at work or school. You or your loved one may have been diagnosed as bipolar or other mental illnesses.

Entities can stay attached to a host for days, several months, an entire lifetime, and in the case of entwinements several lifetimes. If the entities are not removed you may find, in addition to the physical symptoms, that you experience insomnia or headaches, you may do things that are out of character, you may have uneasy feelings in your home or office, the sensation of being watched, or situations in your life may be difficult for no apparent reason. (That’s because you are not causing the difficulty – the entity is getting in the way of your life flow.)

How do we fix it?

First we identify the number and type of entities, and where they are located; on you or your family member; in your home, office or car; and if they are entering through a portal, which is a wormhole to another dimension. Then these entities are escorted to their final resting plane. Once removed, these entities cannot come back and will not bother you again, although other entities may find you attractive and attempt to attach to you.

How do I know when the entities are gone?

People who have experienced entity removals say they feel lighter, are no longer depressed or angry, some have a euphoric feeling, they sleep better and can breathe more easily, their life goes more smoothly, and more.

How soon can I get help?

The sooner you call, the sooner we can determine whether you have any entities which are causing you harm, and the faster your life can become easier with less stress because you are the only one in your body.

Additionally, a Reiki session can help you return to normal much faster and easier.


Entity Determination: $15.00 (included with Entity Removal)

Remote Entity Removal: starts at $125.00 for up to 500 entities

On-site Entity Removal: starts at $250.00 for up to 2000 square feet. Greater Austin Texas only.     Includes clearing each area independently and setting a crystal grid around the interior perimeter to prevent more entities from entering (highly recommended for apartment, condo, multi-dwelling or multi-business locations although stand alone homes or business benefit too)

Portal Closing: $75.00 per portal (On-site only)

Soul Entwinement Removal: $150.00 (On-site or Remote)

Trip Charge: $1.00 per mile for locations more than 25 miles from Mansfield Dam.

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