The Seven Major Chakras

Chakra ManChakras are energy vortexes which attach to your Pranic Tube which is the tube that takes energy from the earth, through your center, into the Universe, and back down again. The small ends of the chakra vortex attach in your center to your Pranic Tube and the large ends are on the surface of your body.

The Seven Major Chakras are:

Purple: Crown is on the top of your head is your direct link to your relationship with the Universal Divine. We all possess a little spark of God within us; this is the access to yours.

Indigo: Third Eye is located in the middle of your forehead and directly out the back of your head is the chakra of intuition and wisdom. This chakra seeks the truth in all situations.  You will know when you have found your truth as it feels natural rather than reasoned. It is where your intuition resides, giving you guidance in life situations.

Light Blue: Throat is in the center of the front and back of your neck represents speaking your truth with love and the free will of making choices. It lies mid way between the head and the heart allowing them to work in unison so you can make your best choices.

Green: Heart is located right in the middle of your chest and between your shoulder blades. It represents both healing and love of body and spirit. It is where we know that Love is the strongest power available to us and helps us relate this lesson to ourselves and everyone around us.

Yellow: Solar Plexus is the little triangle above your belly button where the ribs come together and directly opposite in the middle of the back a few inches above your waist. It is about honoring, understanding, loving and caring for yourself. This is where you have your second intelligence and get gut feelings. If you think back, when you acknowledge and follow this gut feeling guidance, it always turns out for the best.

Orange: Sacral is located about an inch below your belly button and directly across on your back above your tail bone. It feeds creative energy and curiosity.  It helps define your personal identity; helps develop relationships with others and establish healthy protective psychological boundaries. It controls emotional openness and sexuality.

Red: Root is located at the very bottom of your torso where you sit and reaches straight down to connect you to the energy of the earth. It represents union to community and family.  It supports the foundation of the sense of belonging and establishing identity within the communal group.