Is Your Life Flowing With Plenty Of Health, Wealth And Love?

Energy Parasites

If life is a little choppy, it might just be that you have an energetic 'hitchhiker' that is leaching on your life force.

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Unresolved Wounds

Like many of us, you may have 'old' mental, physical or emotional wounds that keep you stuck in looping life patterns and wrecking havoc in your life today.

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Unsupporting Environment

Your environment is a reflection of what is happening internally; by upgrading your environment, you upgrade your life.

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Do You Want Your Life To Flow More Smoothly?

Specially designed services and products for vibrationally aware people who want to live their best life NOW!

For people who are energetically aware, there can often come a time in life when things are not working and they know that something has to change. What it looks like can be anything from a divorce; to difficulty at work; to being passed over for a promotion; to a chaotic home environment; or your kids having problems… you know the signs.

If you’re reading this, then you also know what can happen if you don’t resolve this. It will get worse, something else will happen, and because you understand energy you know that whatever is in the micro is also in the macro. This means if this is in one area of your life it is going to exist in other areas of your life unless you catch it NOW.

Stand in the Light brings personal services designed to support you in removing entities, clearing your energy and stepping in to your power in new ways and hand selects products of the highest quality to anchor that energy in your space. Even more, there are tools that you can use; pendulums; crystals; crystal jewelry; specialized mineral lamps; and more; designed for you to continue the practice of cultivating your higher vibrations.

Having done this work for more than six years, my clients have reported back to me the positive difference they have experienced when they have made the choice to follow through. I invite you now to do the same.

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  • Energy Services

    Personal attention to your auric energy body.

  • Intuitive Clarity

    Gain insights on what is happening with your life flow.

  • Animal Connections

    Your pets benefit from energetic support too.

  • Energy Products

    Jewelry, home décor, energy enhancers and more.

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